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The "Box of Courage" initiative for the LeverX employees




Welcome to the page of the charity event "Box of Courage"!



Dear friend, Here lies an opportunity to make a significant impact through a small gesture: select your favorite plaster figurine (or several) and lend your support to children undergoing challenging cancer treatments at the Republican Scientific and Practical Center of Pediatric Oncology, Hematology, and Immunology.  


Prior to undergoing painful procedures, each child will have the chance to choose a plaster figurine from the “Box of Courage.” This simple act will aid them in transitioning from pain and fear to the comfort of your thoughtful gift. It promises to instill feelings of joy, curiosity, gratitude, and bravery within the child. Following the procedure, they will have the opportunity to paint the figurine in vibrant colors.


How to join the initiative?


       1. Select a figurine or figurines, then add them to your cart. You can do this by visiting the page with the figure's description.


       2. Once you've finished selecting your figures, head to the "Cart" located in the site header.


       3. Complete the checkout process by providing the necessary information on the "Checkout" page:

           - Check the "LeverX" box to indicate your participation in the "Box of Courage" campaign.
           - Choose your preferred payment method.
           - Sign the figurine by entering your name.
           - Provide your phone number (this won't be displayed anywhere, it's just for contact purposes).
           - Click "Place an order" to proceed.»


       4. You'll be redirected to the WEBPAY payment system page to make your payment.


The funds collected through the “Box of Courage” charity event are utilized to create new figurines and provide support to the “Nashy Majstry” social workshop.».



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